bermudapot (bermudapot) wrote in animerpg_promo,

Bermuda POT now taking reserves and applications

(Just another reminder so we can hopefully fill some available spaces!)

Bermuda POT is a new Prince of Tennis roleplaying game on livejournal-- taking place 7 years in the future. Atobe has invited all the former middle school tennis players out for a reunion cruise that inevitably goes awry, stranding everyone on a deserted island.

Please click the image above for more information and links! Our projected start date is March 20! We've received a lot of reserves and applications within the last week, but we've still got plenty of characters up for grabs!

Characters we're looking for right now:
Fuji Shuusuke
Inui Sadaharu
Niou Masaharu
Yagyuu Hiroshi
Kirihara Akaya
(Hyoutei in general)
(St. Rudolph in general)
(Fudomine in general)
(Shitenhouji in general)

Thank you for your consideration!
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