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If the stars were mine I'd give them all to you
I'd pluck them down right from the sky and leave it only blue
In the beginning of all time, the guardian of the Galaxy Cauldron gave birth to all the stars in the universe and granted Sailor Crystals among specially chosen constellations to protect the galaxies from a dark and mysterious evil known as Dark Flow. For thousands of years, Queen Phoenix and her inner team guarded the Celestial Instruments- a collection of magical tools bestowed special powers by their constellations- from Dark Flow's evil clutches. Yet slowly Dark Flow creeped into the minds of a few solitary sailors, using their weaknesses and desires to corrupt them into stealing the Celestial Instruments for their own use. Sailor Corvus, as the unofficial leader of the rogues, broke the protection barrier to free the Instruments. But it was all a trap...

Ambushing the sailors, Dark Flow stole the Corona Australis, the Southern Crown of Destruction with the power to shatter the universe. Testing its powers, she destroyed the Sailor Crystals of Noctua Knight and Gallus Knight as they fell to protect their comrades. But to complete her conquest, Dark Flow desired the Northern Crown of Creation, the Corona Borealis, whose great powers were governed over personally by Queen Phoenix. As Dark Flow confronted the Queen, Phoenix knew that the only way she could preserve the universe was to invoke the powers of rebirth of the Corona Borealis on the Sailor Crystals and the Celestial Instruments.

It is now 2012, and in London, England, the Sailors are reawakening, although there remains a divide between the two factions- those who wish to regather the Celestial Instruments to keep them from Dark Flow's grasp, and those who wish to use them as their personal weapons in the Battle against Dark Flow. But little do they realize, the Celestial Instruments have been reincarnated as humans with magical abilities of their own and aren't very willing to cooperate.
This is a Sailor Moon-based game set in modern England. While this game does not interfere with any canon, it does take place in a universe of its own running parallel to that of Sailor Moon's. That being said, in the universe that our game takes place in there is no Sailor Moon or other planetary sailors. In their places, we have our constellation sailors. The fate of the universe is completely upon their shoulders.

You are to assume that the characters are totally unaware of Sailor Moon and her universe. However, as the game expands, so shall the plot. Will the sailors overcome? Will the true villain be revealed? Only time shall tell!

Start date to be set when we have at least six members!
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